Relationship Help for Single Men from Relationship Expert Bree

Single men looking to find the right woman in today’s dating pool often end up disappointed and confused. I love working with single men and helping them not only understand women, but themselves as well. Below are some great relationship help tips to help single men get on the right path.

Relationship Help from Relationship Expert Bree for Single Men #1:

Know Who You Are. It is important to know and accept who you are inside and out. When a man understands his strengths and weakness, he is able to be clear on what he wants and does not want.

Relationship Help from Relationship Expert Bree for Single Men #2:

Picking. Many times men will pick women based only on their physical attraction.  There is nothing wrong with physical attraction except when it is accompanied by a low level of compatibility.  You can be incredibly attracted to a woman but if you are not compatible with her in major life areas, it will make for a difficult and roller coaster like relationship.

Relationship Help from Relationship Expert Bree for Single Men #3:

Confident. True confidence does not mean arrogance; it means that you feel good about who you are as a person. When a man has authentic confidence it comes across and attracts women to him.

Relationship Help from Relationship Expert Bree for Single Men #4:

Masculinity. Today, men are faced with aggressive women who have buried their femininity. This has caused many men to lose their masculinity when pursuing or in relationship with a woman. When you show up in your masculine energy it allows the woman the freedom to be in her feminine energy. So go ahead, open her door, and be the man, but not her boss.

Relationship Help from Relationship Expert Bree for Single Men #5:

Courting. It is important for you to be the pursuer and for the woman to feel pursued by you. A woman wants you to court her not only because it feels good but also because her brain is wired for it!

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