Valentine’s Day Secrets For Men

Looking forward to that special day with your love but not sure how to make it romantic? Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A. is a relationship help expert and she’s sharing secrets to make sure you have the Valentine’s Day of your dreams.  Here are Bree’s tips to make it happen! This is for all the men our there who want Valentine’s Day to be great and have no idea what to do!  Just follow these simple steps and watch how this holiday can go from disappointing to WOW!

Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A. Relationship Help Expert Valentine’s Day Tip 1

Watch and listen, your woman will drop hints as to what she wants for Valentine’s Day.  For example, if you see a catalog just lying around open to a certain page—she is trying to tell you she wants something on that page. Or perhaps, when she is talking on the phone to a friend, she may say something to that friend about what she wants like going somewhere for the weekend, going to see a play, or relax at a spa just hoping you overhear her.  You may even hear her say something like, I saw the prettiest necklace in the jewelry store window today.

Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A. Relationship Help Expert Valentine’s Day Tip 2

If watching and listening to your woman is not helping, then say something like, Honey, I want your Valentine’s Day to be as special as you are, can you guide me in the right direction. However, do not ask her directly what she wants because women believe that if we have to tell you then it does not count! Ridiculous to you, I know, but true. Finally, take all the information you have about her and make plans, which are as unique and special as she is. Make all the arrangements for a romantic dinner out.  Call the restaurant for reservations and ask if they can have candles and red roses at the table when you get there-some restaurants make you drop the flowers off ahead of time so be prepared. If you have kids, make the babysitter plans ahead of time and make sure they are in bed before you get home. Finally, tell her you have a surprise for her and all she has to do is dress in her prettiest dress. All your efforts will be noticed and she will love it!

Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A. Relationship Help Expert Valentine’s Day Tip 3

In the early morning hour, bring her a single red rose with a very loving and romantic card and gently wake her up.  Tell her how much you love her and that she is your forever Valentine.  Make sure you communicate how grateful you are for her and much you love her.  She will be delighted! You could buy a book of romantic poetry (like Rumi) and then put a red rose on the page that describes your love for her.  Even better, you could write a love poem for her straight from your heart!  She will melt! The most important thing to remember is that she is looking to feel loved and special…deliver that and you will  have yourself a Great Valentine’s Day and a very happy woman!

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