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Facing the choice to either stay or leave your relationship is never an easy place to be in.  Feeling torn and unsure about what to do can be a torturous experience.


The first step is to gain absolute clarity of what issues are causing you to question the permanence of your relationship.  Many times a person may feel it is just easier to end a relationship rather than face what is truly going on.  I always advise both men and women to stop before making such a decision and address what is wrong first. The regret of letting a relationship go and later wishing you had not is an even more difficult place to be in.


I am often asked, “Bree can this relationship be saved?”  My rule of thumb is to always try and heal what is wrong before exiting the relationship. The only time I would not suggest this is when there is abuse occurring in the relationship.


So how do you try to fix what is wrong? There are several options available:


Relationship Help


  1. Talk through the things that are bothering you with your partner.
  2. Come up with workable solutions to resolve what is creating the discord.
  3. Make a tangible plan of action your partner and yourself can do to make changes in your relationship; and then follow through on them.
  4. Read a good relationship help book that gives you great information, tools, and guidance on how to improve your relationship.

I recommend It’s That Simple! Relationship Help Book for Men &  It’s That Simple! Relationship Help Book for Women.

It's That Simple! Relationship Help Book For Men & Women

5.Seek out the assistance of a professional. Be sure to pick someone who specialized in relationships and has the education and experience to deliver the help you need.


Relationship Help


One final thought, before making any major decision about your relationship ending, try imagining your life without the person. Can you see yourself moving on happily without them or will there be something missing? If there will be something missing then be sure to take the steps to save your relationship before just walking away.
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