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Men and women frequently ask me, “Bree, what is the secret to a great relationship?”   I have found that what these men and women are really looking for is the answer to, “What am I doing wrong?”  Usually, their current relationship is not working or their last relationship ended for reasons they just cannot figure out.


The wonderful news is that with the right information, understanding what works and what does not, a great relationship is very possible!



Relationship Help For A Great Relationship!


Although the concept of “honor” may seem a bit old fashioned, it is critical for a healthy relationship to occur. So what does a couple look like who honor one another? They show each other respect and treat the other accordingly. When a person respects another they are careful to not offend or harm them in anyway. When a couple does this for each other, they create a strong and lasting bond.



Relationship Help For A Great Relationship!


Yes, being kind is vital for a great relationship! It may seem overly obvious that couples should treat one another kindly but surprisingly many couples act very unkindly to their partner.  When a man or woman is considerate and acts in caring ways to his or her partner, this creates a powerful and intimate connection between them.



Relationship Help For A Great Relationship!

Communication/Conflict Resolution

One of the top mistakes couples make is not learning effective communication and conflict resolution skills.  A couple who does not know how to talk with each other end up having a disproportionate amount of misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and arguments. These then lead to unresolved resentments and a break down in their relationship. This is such a common problem that I dedicated a whole chapter to it in the It’s That Simple! Relationship Help Books for men and women.


Truly, investing in learning in these skills not only saves relationships it creates happier more loving ones!


Having a great relationship does not have to be difficult! Treating your partner as you would a treasure you cherish, learn how to talk with him or her, learn how to work through conflicts that arise and you too can have a great relationship!




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