Why Are Relationships So Hard?

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Relationship Expert Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A.


Believe it or not I hear this question almost on a daily basis! I believe the question that is really being asked is, “Why do I have so much trouble with my relationship(s)?”


To begin, relationships are fragile. Why? Quite frankly because humans are involved!


Each of us, no matter how evolved, have some issues that need addressing and healing. These are the parts that negatively affect our relationships.  Makes sense right?


So am I saying that it is impossible for anyone to have a healthy and happy relationship? Absolutely not!


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Great relationships are very possible when you have two partners willing to look at themselves, work on their issues, and come from a place of love. In other words, none of us is perfect but when we take personal responsibility for our own stuff and treat our partner (and selves)with kindness, respect, understanding, and love great relationships happen!


This is quite simple to say but to be honest, not so simple to do for many people!


Living this out on a daily basis takes being focused, determined, and making the daily choice to do so. It is really about making your relationship healthy and happy, a priority each and every day.


The couples I work with want to be able to do this but just do not posses the skills. They were never taught how to effectively communicate, how to be in a healthy relationship, or how to come from a place of understanding.


The beautiful thing is that once they learn and apply the relationship help skills I teach them, they are able to create the relationship they always wanted!


For some couples, the incredible changes in their relationship comes quite quickly; for others it takes a longer time. It truly depends on the level of damage that has occurred in their relationship and the level of commitment of each partner. Honestly, I have had couples screaming hateful things at one another, wanting a divorce turn around to be able to heal and create a loving relationship.


Relationship Help


If you need some help with your relationship, the best thing you can do is reach out for help.  There is hope for your relationship! Contact me here and together we will transform your relationship.



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