The Truth Of Why She Is Not Happy With You!

Relationship Help For Men







Relationship Help For Men





Relationship Expert Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A. 



Does it seem that no matter how hard you try to please her, that she still ends up upset about something you did or did not do? If this describes your experience with the woman in your life, please know that you are not alone!


One of the top pleas for help I receive from men in a relationship or marriage is, “How do I make her happy?”


This common problem in relationships was one of the facets that inspired me to write


It’s That Simple!

A Book For Men on Relationships, Life, Ourselves And The Healing of It All


When the same problem shows up in relationship after relationship, there must be a common denominator as to why.  The fact is that there is!  What women want from their men is simply not being delivered and the women are very angry about it.


An ironic piece of this relationship problem is that the women are not telling the men what they want.




Mainly because women have this unspoken belief that “If he loved me he would know what I want from him!”  To make matters worse this belief is compounded with “If I tell him and he does it then it does not count!”


Wow! How is a man supposed to win with this impossible trap?


Relationship Help For Men


The first step is gaining an understanding that many women carry this unspoken belief around in them, sometimes not even realizing they have it.  When a man understands this, he is able to jump over this hurdle with ease.


The second step is to learn what the majority of women secretly desire from the man in their life. I say secretly because again this is something they will not come out and announce to you.


The third step is to open the door to effective communication so that you and she may move through this problem to a simple and workable solution.  The word “effective” is key because communication can go on all day long, but if each person is not hearing the other and reflecting that back in the conversation that communication is never effective.


Relationship Help For Men


After working with men and women for over twenty years, I compiled all of the main issues and problems they face in their relationship and provided an easy step-by-guide on how to solve it in the It’s That Simple! Relationship help book for men.


If you are one of those men who do not like to read or who do not want to read a book to get the answers then feel free to contact me here and we can work one-on-one to help your relationship!



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