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Relationship Help For Men




Relationship Help For Men





Relationship Expert Bree Maresca-Kramer


Getting over a woman you truly care about or love, even if you were the one who ended things, can be very difficult.  When a man falls for a woman, he has the same heart breaking feelings a woman does when the relationship ends. However, often what he does with those feelings is very unlike what a brokenhearted woman will do. This is the reason men can have trouble really moving on from an ended relationship.


Relationship Help For Men


I say really because on the outside he looks and acts like things are going just fine. Yet on the inside, he carries the pain in a very lonely and quiet space within him.  This pain may come up at certain times but he will be quick to shove it back down or run from it all together.


The problem with this is by not facing and healing the pain, it keeps a man stuck from freely moving forward with his life. Instead, he ends up carrying this baggage with him.


Relationship Help For Men


As a relationship expert and relationship/ marriage advocate, I always encourage, both men and women, to try everything first before ending their relationship.  That being said, if she or you ended things before working on the solutions to your problems, now is the time to consider reconciliation. It is far better to go back and try again then to spend months or years regretting that you never work things out with her.


Depending on the specifics of the breakup, it may feel like too much of a risk to ask her is there is a chance for your relationship.  However, the opportunity of getting back together and being happy with her will only happen when you take this risk.


Relationship Help For Men


What if there is no chance of reuniting with her again?  Then it is time to allow yourself to go through the grieving process and heal completely. The grieving process is a natural occurrence so that humans are able to heal from a loss.


There are six steps in this process: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Anger, Depression, & Acceptance.


The way each person moves through these steps is individual to them. One person may go through each stage in order, while another may jump back and forth between the different stages.


The bottom line is to allow and feel all the feelings surrounding the loss of her. As you do this, you naturally heal from the emotional pain and eventually come to a place of peace with the ending of the relationship.


Relationship Help For Men


Another very important part of getting over her is to learn what part you had that added to the ending of  the relationship.


The reason this is so vital is that if you do not take ownership of your part, you are most likely going to repeat it in your next relationship.


No matter how easy it is to blame her for all the problems in the relationship, there are always places you can learn from in order to  grow personally as well as do better the next time.


If you would like to try to win her back or to be able to fully get over her and need some assistance you can reach me here.





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