Hot Pursuit!

In today’s dating world, many men have become confused by what a modern woman wants. The best free relationship help online advice a man can attain is knowing that the woman you are interested in, wants you to pursue her-no matter what modern society dictates. Deep down a woman wants to feel desired and sought after by the man she desires!

Free Relationship Help Online Tip #1: Make the first move! Women want the man to make the first move. This shows her that he is interested and has the courage to overcome a fear of rejection.

Free Relationship Help Online Tip #2: Follow up! After making the first move, follow up with your purist of her.  One of the biggest complaints I hear from women is that the man never followed through with a phone call to make plans to get together.

Free Relationship Help Online Tip #3: Do not use the crutch of texting! This one is so important, especially today! Women are loudly complaining about how men today are texting to pursue them.  This is not what a woman wants-she wants you to call her, talk to her, and ask her out.

Free Relationship Help Online Tip #4: Plan a real date-not just time to get together to “hangout.”  Women want to know that you are interested enough to plan a formal date. Asking to just hangout indicates a lack of interest in her for a relationship as well as the fact that you are probably only interested in a sexual hookup.

Free Relationship Help Online Tip #5:  If you are interested-tell her! She will be watching your actions and listening to your words. If you like her— tell her and show her.

Free Relationship Help Online Tip #6: Be consistent in your pursuit.  If you really like her and want to build a relationship with her, your words and actions should reflect this on a daily basis.

To be successful in the dating world always remember that a woman wants to feel desired and to be pursued.  If she is interested in you, pursing her using the above free relationship help online tips will help you build the initial stages to a great relationship!

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