Did Jennifer Lopez Leave Marc Anthony Because He Was Too Controlling?

Recent reports on Jennifer Lopez’s split from Marc Anthony are claiming that he was extremely controlling and dominating during their marriage. These reports also state that he often became enraged and jealous when her work aligned her with attractive men. As well, that he tried to control all of her wardrobe and career moves.

When a man is controlling and dominating over his woman, the reason has nothing to do with her but instead everything to do with him. A man who is exhibiting these behaviors is doing so from a depth of insecurity along with a very low self-esteem. The more controlling he is, the more his behaviors scream his lack of worth and need to control in order to feel safe and powerful in the relationship. These elements can arise from either abuse or traumas in his childhood or character defects in his personality.

The interesting fact is that in the beginning of the relationship these types of men are often charming, protective, and chivalrous. The irony is that the woman often feels “safe” with him because of these elements. Once he has her securely hooked in the relationship, his controlling and dominating behaviors start to emerge. At this point, the woman has already fallen for him and is so far into the relationship that she may not even notice. As the relationship continues, however, his controlling and dominating behaviors gradually worsen and can become abusive. It is at this time in the relationship that the woman becomes aware of what is happening, but her sense of self and self-esteem has been so shaken or even destroyed that it leaves her feeling helpless and as if there are not any options to get out of the relationship.

Signs of a controlling man include: a violent temper, the intentional act of lowering a woman’s confidence, taking complete control over plans, the constant flip-flop between admiration and degradation, always blaming, not taking personal responsibility, exhibiting jealousy and always keeping a constant watch over his woman’s actions.

If the reports on Lopez and Anthony’s marriage are real, then it definitely sheds light on why she left. For any woman to leave this type of controlling relationship she must have great courage, inner strength, and self-preservation to move forward and re-build her life. Lopez certainly is showing the world she has what it takes to not only re-build her life but to shine and thrive.

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