Blake Lively Using Rules To Land Leonardo DiCaprio?

There are reports that the Gossip Girl star is using advice from the book The Rules to capture the heart of Leonardo DiCaprio.  Whether these reports are true or not, the concepts of the rules do work.  Why? It’s simple, men and women are different creatures and desire different elements during the courting process as well as in the actual relationship.

Once you capture someone’s heart, to have the relationship of your dreams, you must know what to do with it! It is one thing to play the rules to get someone hooked on you, but if you do not have the tools to have a thriving relationship chances are you will not.

Understanding the differences of how men and women think and feel, having effective communication, and willingness are all vital tools in creating a healthy, happy, and lasting relationship.

Many relationships and marriages fail because each is expecting their partner to understand and act in way, which are not natural for them. For example, it is not natural for a man to need to talk through something in order to process and understand his feelings. However, this is very natural for most women. On the other hand, it is not natural for a woman to isolate and enter into her “cave” when she is stressed or trying to figure things out.  However, for most men this is perfectly natural.

Once we understand the differences between the sexes, know how to successfully get our message across, and are ready to experience a great relationship, we will. Time will tell if Blake  and Leonardo  have what it takes to not just make it down the aisle but to happily stay together.

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