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Relationship Help For Couples With A New Baby

Relationship Help For Couples With A New Baby By Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A.

Relationships are like a living creature and can require relationship help during it’s life.  There are times when even celebrity couples need relationship help to avoid into common relationship issues. A particularly nervy time a couple can need relationship help is when a new child is coming.

A baby bring love & joy, but also stressors that can negatively impact a couple, creating a need for relationship help.  New parents, especially famous ones, are often sleep-deprived and inadvertently re-focus all their attention on the new baby.  This causes stress in the couple’s relationship. The couple may find that they are resentful towards each other and in some cases the baby, if certain relationship help steps are not taken.

Relationship Help for Couples with a New Baby #1: Baby-proof your relationship. Keep a healthy amount of time and effort on your relationship as well as the baby.

Relationship Help for Couples with a New Baby #2:  Although it may feel like you will never sleep again, you will. Take special care to sleep when your baby does, to reduce the sleep deprivation you will feel.

Relationship Help for Couples with a New Baby #3:  Feeling angry? It is normal to have negative feelings toward your partner including anger, resentment, and frustration. With effective communication these are easily worked through.

Relationship Help for Couples with a New Baby #4:  Stay on the same team. Approach issues with a team-centered mentality to foster supportive behaviors toward each other.

Relationship Help for Couples with a New Baby #5:  Love is still there.  Remember that love is there even though there are moments when you cannot feel it.  Sleep deprivation along with new baby stressors can lead to times of “not feeling the love” for your partner.  Be patient, it will settle down and you will feel the love again.

Putting these five relationship help tools for couples with a new baby to good use, you will avoid unnecessary conflict and create a long-lasting relationship and a thriving new family!

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