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When you find out you have been cheated on by someone you love the pain you experience can feel absolutely devastating. To be betrayed by your partner in this way is not only emotionally difficult and can bring you to your knees; it also negatively impacts the other areas of your life.


For those men and women who have gone through this, they report feeling unable to think clearly, perform at work, and some are even incapable of getting out of bed until the initial shock and impact wears off. They then move into anger, bargaining, and finally acceptance. In other words, those who go through this are actually moving through a grieving process; just as one does when they lose someone to death.


Each person is unique in the time frame in which they handle and react to this process; however, the course is always the same. If they go through the stages of grief and allow themselves to heal they can move forward with their life and relationship in a positive manner. On the other hand, if they do not allow themselves to feel these negative emotions or get stuck in one of these stages, this often will be reflected in their life, as they will remain stuck and unhappy.



Relationship Help From Expert Bree



I am frequently asked if a relationship can survive an infidelity. My blanket answer is always a resounding YES!
However, there is a qualifier that goes along with this answer and that is “willingness.”


Each partner must posses the readiness and motivation to work on and heal what caused the infidelity in the first place.


When I have two partners in this state, everything is possible. In fact, in most cases, their relationship not only makes it through the infidelity but also becomes healthier and stronger because of it.


I also have men and women who have been cheated on who want nothing further to do with their partner. They are looking for help in healing and moving on from it and their relationship. In these cases, as long as the person is willing to do the healing, they absolutely can create a whole new beautiful and thriving life.



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