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Relationship Expert Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A.


The most common problems men face in relationships mainly have to do with not understanding women, more especially the woman they are in a relationship with.


Much of the time, the man is clueless that he is even doing any thing “wrong” until his woman lets him know in a not such nice way that she is angry with him. Then he is left to figure out why she is so upset and how to make it all better.


For many men this is like paddling a canoe upstream through the Colorado raging river!


Relationship Help Tip #1:


Know Your Woman!


The best defense is a good offense right?


Well, the same applies to your relationship. If you understand what your woman likes and does not like, you are already winning by half time. For example, if she really likes for you to take out the trash without being told, then by doing that you are avoiding future problems. Perhaps she likes to watch “chick flicks.”  If you make plans to see one together without her having to ask it will work wonders in keeping her happy!


It really does not need to be complicated. Simply find out what she prefers and does not and follow that game plan. Remember when she is happy everyone is happy!


Relationship Help Tip #2:


Romance Her!


So many issues in an intimate relationship can be completely avoided when the intimacy is kept strong.


The best way to do this is to keep the spark alive. Again, this does not have to be difficult in any way. It is the simple little things that mean the most. Your woman wants to know you care enough to think to do special little things for her. It could be as simple as leaving her a “I love you” note to find in her day or sending a “Your beautiful” text. Sure women love flowers too but it is really about you letting her know you are thinking about her and love her.


Relationship Help Tip #3:


Keep Talking & Listening!


Do you remember in the beginning of your relationship how you were interested in what she thought and had to say?


Well, she always needs that from you. When you ask her how she is and listen to what she is really communicating to you, she feels loved by you. Of course, you have to do your part by sharing with her how you are and what you are experiencing as well. Basically it is keeping the lines of communication open and flowing that allows for quick resolution to problems. When couples do not have this anger and resentments build to the point of serious issues.


The goal for most men in relationships is to make their woman happy. Unfortunately, they fall short not because of a lack of desire but a lack of know how! I work with men all the time helping them understand their woman. The amazing thing is that once they get it, it is incredibly easy for them to accomplish their goal!

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