Top Three Relationship Help Tools For Men & Women!


Relationship Expert Bree Maresca-Kramer


Relationships can be one of the most beautiful enriching experiences of our lives. They can bring great joy, love, affection, and intimacy into our daily life. However, for those men and women who do not have the right relationship tools, things can become very difficult and painful.


I cannot tell you the numbers of couples I have worked with over the years who started off with everything going for them, yet when certain life circumstances happened, their relationship fell apart.  Usually it had to do with having children, parenting style differences, career demands, in-law problems, financial issues, and a loss of intimacy.  In each of these circumstances the couple could have avoided the problem if they had the right tools to work with.


I am here to share with you that this does not have to happen, even in the most trying of circumstances!


Relationship Help Tools For Men & Women #1:


Successful Communication!


It is almost a cliché at this point to say that being able to communicate well with one’s partner is important in a healthy relationship. However, numerous men and women just do not know how to accomplish this.


The bottom line fact is that men and women communicate in diffident styles, which often causes issues or problems in a relationship.  The one sure-fire way to make sure this does not happen is to learn how to talk with and listen to your partner.


That is easy to say but where does a person learn how? Personally, I provide two ways for this…


The first is in the It’s That Simple! Relationship help book for men and the It’s That Simple! Relationship help book for women.


In each of these books the reader, be it a man or a woman, will learn the exact skills to be able to listen to and speak with their partner in a successful way. In other words, what they and their partner are trying to communicate is fully heard and addressed.


The second way I help both men and women with learning how to communicate is working with them directly one-on-one via phone sessions. For the most part, when I am working on just this issue with someone it can be successfully accomplished in just a few sessions.


Relationship Help Tools For Men & Women #2:


Keeping The Spark Going!


Once the initial honeymoon phase is over a relationship can fall into an all too common pitfall. What is it? I like to call it the “ho-hum” shift. This is when two people who once found each other sexually attractive and exciting now look past one another as if they were no longer sexual beings at all.


The clients I work with on this issue are delighted to find out that healing this issue actually is a lot of fun. I guide them through the process of falling in love and feeling great passion for each other again.


Relationship Help Tools For Men & Women #3:


Mutual Respect!


There is nothing that kills a relationship faster than disrespect. It is an insidious element that slowly but surely destroys even the best relationships.


Much of the time the disrespect starts off with little comments or innuendos. However, left unattended, it turns into full-blown resentments and contempt. The best way to avoid this altogether is to have boundaries in place that each partner is to treat the other with respect at all times, even in the middle of a fight.



Having a great relationship does not have to be complicated but it does take some know how! If you would like to work with Bree directly you can reach Bree here.




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