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Relationship Expert Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A.


No one ever enters a relationship thinking that it is going to end badly. Quite the opposite occurs; our eyes are filled with rose-colored images and our hearts leap with excitement and joy. However, even the best of relationships can go south when certain things are overlooked or forgotten.  Having worked with hundreds of couples over the last fifteen years, I have seen common elements that do cause damage and hurt good relationships.


Below are some of the necessary fundamentals to keep your relationship healthy and happy!


#1 from Relationship Help Expert Bree:


Yes, R-E-S-P-E-C-T!  The song Aretha Franklin made famous actually was, in its own right, extremely profound.  When a couple has mutual respect for one another, they treat one another with kindness and understanding, even if they are upset or angry. When a couple loses respect for each other, it opens the door to bad behaviors, hurt feelings, resentments, and a breakdown in the foundation of their relationship.



#2 from Relationship Help Expert Bree:


One of the main issues I help men and women with in their relationship is being able to hear what their partner is actually saying to them.  This is a natural art for some, but for most it takes learning how to do so.

Many times a relationship will fall apart not because the love is not present but more often due to a lack of effective communication skills.  This is not breaking news but it is one thing to be informed that communication is a necessary part to a lasting relationship and another to be taught how.  For this reason I put in these self-help relationship books for men and women exactly how to communicate with and hear what your partner is telling you. These books walk a man or woman step-by-step through learning how to get your message across and how to hear your partner’s message so instead of fighting or misunderstanding there is peaceful resolution.


It’s That Simple!

A Man’s Book On Relationships, Life, Ourselves and The Healing Of It All


It’s That Simple!

A Woman’s Book On Relationships, Life, Ourselves and The Healing Of It All


#3 from Relationship Help Expert Bree:


Yes, passion, romance and intimacy are all extremely important in keeping the relationship thriving. For the most part, in the beginning these things tend to take care of themselves. However, a couple can get into trouble when these elements naturally dye down.  This is when you will see the daily life stressors take over and replace these wonderful parts of the relationship.  Career, financial, family, and/or health stressors become the focal point when a couple does not consciously keep the passion alive in their relationship.

The good news is that this one even if it has been lost for a long time is fun to fix. When I walk a couple through reigniting their spark process they love doing their homework!!



Simply addressing every element and/or issue and how to fix it in an article is impossible. Therefore, I work with men and women one-on-one to help them heal, rebuild, and make their relationship great!


Relationship Help Expert Bree Maresca-Kramer provides relationship help books online and free relationship help online.

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