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With the more and more people meeting and dating online, long distance relationships are definitely on the rise. In the beginning, exchanging emails, moving onto phone calls, and then making plans to meet is filled with wonderful excitement. However, as the relationship progresses many couples face problems they need help solving.


Relationship Help Advice for Long Distance Relationships


#1 Steady Lines Of Communication!

It is vital for a couple who are not living in the same area to keep their level of communication going at a high level. This means that talking, video chatting, texting, and/or emailing need to be done at least once, preferably more, on a daily basis.


Relationship Help Advice for Long Distance Relationships

#2 Romance One Another!

While communicating be sure to add some romance into the mix. Share with your special someone how important they are to you, how the thought of them brightens your day, and how happy you are to have them in your life.

Send love notes and little tokens of your feelings for them so when they least expect it, they will receive a romantic surprise package in the mail.


Relationship Help Advice for Long Distance Relationships

#3 Always Have A Plan!

Always make a plan for the next time to see one another. Even if you cannot arrange a time to see each other for a month or two, having a set plan will help keep each of you moving forward in the same direction in your relationship.


Relationship Help Advice for Long Distance Relationships

#4 Set A Time Frame!

Since keeping a long distance relationship going for the long haul is extremely difficult, it is important to have a mutually set time frame to work with. For instance, you each agree that after a year of dating, you will talk about how you can join your lives together on a permanent basis.  This will help keep the end goal in sight and keep your relationship on the right track.


Relationship Help Advice for Long Distance Relationships

#5 Make The Most Of It!

In any relationship there will be parts that take effort and work. In long distance relationships, the fact that you cannot see, touch, interact, and have fun together on a regular basis is a major part that will need to be worked through. Therefore, on those times that you are together, making the very most of your time together is vital. Put all your daily life stressors aside, focus on one another, and do things that are mutually enjoyable.

Even though long distance relationships are hard they can be done and  turn into a life-time relationship.


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