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A new relationship can be intoxicating! The rush of warm and wonderful emotions along with the hope and excitement can take your breath away. However, the beginning of a relationship is a fragile time that can be ruined with even a simple mistake. Therefore, it is best to follow these tips to help turn your new relationship into a lasting one!


Relationship Expert Advice & Help: #1


Slow Down!

The temptation to rush into a new relationship is a mistake many unknowingly make. Why? Because in the beginning, everything feels so great due to the chemicals and hormones being released in the brain. It is a time when the other person “appears” absolutely perfect in every way.

However, this is one of the reasons many new couples fizzle out.

You see, when the brain chemicals settle down and the new partner is “seen” with realistic eyes, many are left disappointed by the harsh reality and run away from the relationship.

Therefore, taking your time and understanding that each person has his or her own individual quirks, idiosyncrasies, and even baggage is important in avoiding the buyer’s remorse part of a new relationship.


Relationship Expert Advice & Help: #2


Establish Boundaries!

During the beginning stages of a relationship it is very important to talk through and understand one another’s personal boundaries. This includes everything from private time to what feels comfortable during physical intimacy.

Establishing boundaries early on helps create and build trust in the relationship. As the relationship continues while honoring these boundaries a deeper bond is formed between the partners. Each partner will feel respected and honored by the other knowing they can count on and trust their partner to take very special care of them.


Relationship Expert Advice & Help: #3


Talk, Talk, Talk!

Communicate about absolutely everything! Share with one another your hopes, dreams, fears, beliefs, views, and opinions on subjects across the board. This is a great way to discern where you are compatible and where compromise will be necessary down the road.

For instance, if you discover your new partner wants children in five years but you want them immediately. This type of gap will need to be mutually bridged or it will end up causing issues in the relationship.


Relationship Expert Advice & Help: #4


Line Up Your Similarities!

Couples who enjoy one another’s company and similar activities have a much easier time making it through the bumps in the road a relationship may experience.

Therefore, make a list of all the things you mutually enjoy and start doing them! This also helps form a stronger bond as you share in and build fond memories together.


Relationship Expert Advice & Help: #5


Address Problems Immediately!

A little irritant can turn into a large problem when it is ignored and swept under the rug. Many times men and women are fearful of bringing up things that they feel may be an issue. The best way to handle this is head on.  It is vital to talk through any issue large or small immediately in order to find workable solutions.


Relationship Expert Advice & Help: #6


Learn Relationship & Communication Skills!

Inevitably people will make and re-make the same mistakes in their relationship until they learn a better way.

I highly recommend this book for men and for women. You will learn how to have a healthy relationship, how to effectively communicate, and how to heal old dysfunctional patterns that are harming your chances at a great relationship.


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It’s That Simple!

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