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From Relationship Expert Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A.


When you think about relationships being similar to a plant, which requires attention, care, and nurturing to continue to grow and stay alive, you are able to gain a new perspective on why so many couples need help with their relationship.


One of the first reasons issues creep up in a relationship is the fact that one or both partners have forgotten to take care of their partner and/or their relationship. This common trap can come in all different forms and degrees, which produce different levels of problems. For example, a couple could experience minor irritation with one another all the way to full-blown contempt for one another.


Another major cause men and women experience relationship problems is because of a lack of personal responsibility. Instead of looking at themselves and what they may be doing that is harming the relationship, they blame their partner.  Taking personal responsibility can be very difficult, as it requires us to honestly look within and witness the parts of us that are not so easy to see.


Finally, when one or both partners loss the empathy and compassion for their partner, conflict is sure to follow. When we are able to step into our partner’s shoes so to speak to understand their perspective, we are opening the door to understanding and a stronger relationship. However, when we insist on holding onto being right and refusing to look at the other side, we are setting up a battleground.


Relationship Help Tips:

  1. Always keep your partner and relationship as a top priority.
  2. Always look for your part in the problem.
  3. Always try to understand your partner’s perspective.
  4. Understand how unresolved conflict causes damage in your relationship.
  5. Pay attention, care, and nurture your partner and relationship each day.
  6. Never sweep issues under the rug hoping they will go away on their own.
  7. If you have relationship problems get help from a relationship expert asap.


Being in a relationship with someone you love is a precious gift. When we treat it as so it remains a gift, when we forget this and allow life, stress, or outer circumstances to negatively impact it, there is a good chance we can lose what is most important to us.


Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A. is a Nationally Recognized Relationship Expert, Acclaimed Life & Relationship Coach, and Author of the relationship and self-help books It’s That Simple! for men & women.

Bree has been featured on NBC, CBS, The CW,  FOX NEWS, National Radio Programming, The Chicago Tribune, Shape Magazine, In-Touch Magazine, The Nest Magazine, Woman’s Day Magazine, E-Harmony, AOL, and is a Relationship Expert Columnist for The Huffington Post.

Bree has Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling and over fifteen years of clinical experience working with men, women, and couples.


Relationship Help Expert Bree Maresca-Kramer provides relationship help books online and free relationship help online.

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