Relationship Help Advice For Women: Stop Nagging Start Listening!



Important Relationship Help Advice For Women!


I love working with women helping them understand their man and fix their relationship. One of the most common mistakes women make that creates relationship problems is “nagging” their man. I put the word nagging in quotation marks because for a woman she does not consider it nagging but for a man  he does.


To further explain; when a woman wants her man to do something what does she do? Generally, she will ask him to do it. Now, what happens when he forgets, puts it off, or dismisses her? You guessed it, she asks him again. This pattern continues until she becomes angry and proceeds to tell him to do it. Do you see the critical mistake here?


So what kind of relationship help advice do I give women to avoid this problem?




Yes, listen.  When a woman actually hears the underlying message her man is conveying to her, she is empowered in her relationship.




When she becomes an active listener, she understands how to relate with and to her man. This may sound like “therapist talk” but it incredibly helps relationships to thrive.


Here is a common example:

A couple has a conversation about the very busy week ahead. During the talk the man shares that he gets overwhelmed when there is too much on his plate at once so he likes to do one thing at a time. The woman shares that she likes to get lots of things done at once in order to get everything off her plate as soon as possible.

During the middle of the hectic week she asks him to fix the door handle that is loose. He tells her he will and mentally puts it on his list. Can you see where this is going now?  She will continually ask and then tell him to take care of the door handle until they both become angry and he thinks she is nothing but an unhappy nag!

If she had heard what he was telling her, she would understand how he best operates in life and never would have added to his schedule. Instead, she would have waited until his schedule lightened up, gently let him know how important it is to her to have the door fixed, and then let him do it in his time.


The ironic part of relationships between men and women is that it is so easy to avoid and/or fix this through effective communication.


If you need some help in your relationship with understanding and getting along with your partner I can help you in two ways.


The first is to suggest you read


It’s That Simple!
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You will find incredible relationship help information, tools, and skills (including how to effective communication skills) to create an amazing relationship.


The second way I can help you is to work with you directly. We would do this via telephone or Skype sessions.  If you would like my help please feel free to reach me here.



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