What Women Really Want On Valentine’s Day!



Overwhelmed and confused by how to make Valentines special for the woman in your life? Then you are not alone! Most men are left scratching their head and wishing this “made up” holiday never existed.


I have to agree that the pressure put on men to show up big on February 14th is not fair. As well, this day can create problems in the relationship that do not need to be there!


So here is some relationship help advice for men to handle this red-heart candy day!


Relationship Help Advice for Men #1:


Be Original!

Women love when their man puts their unique stamp on Valentines day. Anyone can go to the card shop and pick up some flowers but when a man thinks about how to make it different for his love he scores big! However, how can a man do this when he has no idea where to begin? Here are some suggestions that you can take and make your own.

  • Lay out some clean sand onto a tray. Then use your finger to draw a heart and put your and her name inside it. Sprinkle some rose petals around it and you have yourself a sure fire way to melt her heart!
  • Take your favorite picture of the two of you and put it a frame that you have engraved with your personal message of love for her. She will be sure to fall for your efforts.
  • Plan a romantic night under the stars with her favorite food, flowers, and a love letter from your heart. This is guaranteed to set the sparks flying!


Relationship Help Advice for Men #2:


Think From Your Heart!

Whatever gift or plans you make for your sweetheart do it from your heart and not your head. Through caution to the wind and let your heart guide you. Women love when a man does this because it shows her how much he cares and loves her. It does not have to be complicated or expensive just heart felt.


Relationship Help Advice for Men #3:


Know Your Woman!

This is really important in making this a special day for her. If your woman loves yellow tulips the do not get her red roses. If she likes romantic walks on the beach make that happen. If she wears white gold jewelry then make your purchase within her taste. The bottom line here is to know what she likes and make your plans around her likes, wants, and desires!



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