Relationship Expert Bree’s Do’s & Don’ts On A First Date!


Relationship Expert Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A


Facing a first date can bring an array of mixed feelings including excitement, nervousness, and even dread! There is quite often incredible pressure put on a first date, which can lead both men and women to make dating mistakes preventing a relationship from developing.


The first and foremost rule of dating is always to come from an authentic place. Trying to present yourself as someone you are not is not only exhausting, it does not serve you or the other person well. The fact is that you are the most perfect you that exists. You are the only person in the world who can be the best you! Therefore, always be who you are…simply relax and show up as you.


Below are some more dating advice and relationship help Do’s and Don’ts for men and women for the first date!


Do’s For Men

  1. Always Be A Gentleman!

Go ahead and open doors, pull out her chair, and use your best manners. Women really enjoy and respond to this gentle treatment. A little chivalry always goes along way!


  1. Ask Pertinent Questions!

The best thing you can do to help the date go well is help her to talk about herself. The easiest way to accomplish this is to ask her a couple of key questions about her life, career, and family. This will let her know you are interested in getting to know her better.


  1. Take The Lead!

If the date goes well and you would like to see her again, secure the next date at the end of the first date. Never wait to call her for three days or play it “cool.” If you like her and think there may be potential for a relationship then pursue her!


Don’ts For Men

  1. Focus Only On You!

A first date killer is talking all about yourself. Although it may your nerves, it makes you come off as self-absorbed and uninterested in her. Relationships are give and take and it all starts with the first date!


  1. Don’t Show Her Your Stuff!

Even though it is natural to want to show a women you are interested in pictures of your home, car, boats, etc. it can come off as you are trying to impress her. If you like her, be sure to wait until your third date or later to share this with her.


  1. Don’t Touch Her First!

Women do not like when a man comes on too fast because it signals to her that he is a player or just interested in sex. If a woman wants you to have any type of physical contact with her, she will let you know by touching you on the arm or shoulder first. Once she does this, you can reach to hold her hand or give her a hug.


Do’s For Women

  1. Listen!

Be sure to ask him many questions about who he is and his life; then listen attentively. Be careful not to project what you want to hear but rather hear what he is actually telling you. To have a great relationship you need to pick a compatible match. If you want a serious relationship and he is telling you he is looking to date and have fun really hear that.


  1. Smile!

If the date is going well and you like him then smile. When you smile a lot it tells him you are interested in him. Be sure to pair this with good eye contact without staring and he will know you want him to ask you out again.


  1. Offer To Pay!

It is polite to offer to pay your portion of the bill when it is brought to the table. If he is a gentleman, he will never let you pay but will appreciate the gesture. If he has already made it clear he is paying then do not offer as he may take that as you are not interested. When he pays, immediately thank him by sharing with him how much you appreciate the great meal and time with him.


Don’ts For Women:

  1. Allow Him To Be A Gentleman!

If you act awkwardly or resistant when he opens the door or pulls out your chair you are signaling to him that you are not use to being treated nicely. Accept his gestures with grace and you both will feel good about it!


  1. Never Be Aggressive!

Leave your powerful professional woman at home and allow him to pursue you. You never want to act overtly sexual or come on to strong simply because it is a turn off for most men who are seriously looking for a real relationship.


  1. Flourish In Your Femininity!

If you really like him and want to see him, bite your lip and do not ask him out for the next date or say something like “call me!”  It is far better to allow him the opportunity to ask you out again because then you know he is really interested and not just feeling obligated because you asked.


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