Body Language: What You’re Really Saying

Free Relationship Help Advice

Bree Presents Free Relationship Help Advice

Bree Presents Free Relationship Help Advice On Dating & Body Language

Today is a far more complicated, fast-paced, and hectic time for everyone.  However, when it comes to dating and body language-it is simple! Here is some free relationship help advice to help you to decode it.

Free Relationship Help Advice Tip #1:

Good communication is the foundation of a successful relationship. A majority of that communication is nonverbal or otherwise called body language.

Free Relationship Help Advice Tip #2:

Eye contact, gestures, posture, facial expressions, and even the tone of our voice are all parts of body language.

Free Relationship Help Advice Tip #3:

If she is non-stop smiles during a conversation with a man, she is definitely attracted to him.

Free Relationship Help Advice Tip #4:

If he pays attention and does not look all around the room while the woman is talking to him, he is interested.

Free Relationship Help Advice Tip #5:

If a woman’s eyes are dilated and she is giving him good eye contact, she is showing interest and attraction.

Free Relationship Help Advice Tip #6:

If she reaches out to touch his arm or shoulder during her time with him, she is “telling” him she is interested in him.

Free Relationship Help Advice Tip #7:

When a man places his body so he is face to face with a woman he is interested. On the other hand, if his shoulder is pointing to her face, he is not.

Free Relationship Help Advice Tip #8:

Tossing or playing with her hair always says she is interested.

Free Relationship Help Advice Tip #9:

Leaning in or moving closer is a universal sign for both men and women that they are interested.

Free Relationship Help Advice Tip #10:

If he or she is avoiding eye contact, folding their arms, or leaning back they are sending signs of not being interested.

Understanding and reading body language while dating gives you incredible amounts of information.  Using the ten free relationship help advice tips above will surely help make sense of the dating dance.

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