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Bree’s Free Relationship Help Online: Rules of Dating & Texting

Free Relationship Help Online By Relationship Help Expert Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A.

In this techno age the art of conversation and romance have taken a hard hit. Just because technology has advanced rapidly does not mean that the dating process has as well. Learn the rules for texting and dating before you ruin a good potential relationship.

Free Relationship Help Online Tip #1:

After meeting someone you are interested in, texting is a great tool to use. You can follow up with the person immediately to communicate your interest. However, if it is too long or boring, your text could backfire and be a turn-off.

Free Relationship Help Online Tip #2:

When you are just starting out, do not over-text. This can be seen as needy and desperate. Texting is a form of communication; go slowly until the relationship naturally grows.

Free Relationship Help Online Tip #3:

On a date and texting is a huge no-no as it communicates to your date that they are not that important. This goes for taking an unnecessary call as well.

Free Relationship Help Online Tip #4:

Texting can become a bad habit used to avoid a real connection and/or communication. In order to have a real and lasting relationship you must show up physically and emotionally without the use of technology.

Free Relationship Help Online Tip #5:

Do not send lewd or overly sexual texts. It can catch the person off guard and also send the wrong message about who you really are. Keep the texts clean until your relationship deepens.

Free Relationship Help Online Tip #6:

Do not drunk text as you will definitely regret it when you are sober.

Free Relationship Help Online Tip #7:

Do not late night text as it may wake the person up. You never want to be an annoyance or intrusion. Also, most women will see it as a booty call and find it insulting.

Free Relationship Help Online Tip #8:

Do not use texting with a person who says, “I’m not a big ‘texter’ or “I don’t like texting.” This will only annoy them and push them away.

Texting has definitely become part of the new techno way of dating but can end up ending a relationship before it starts. Use the Free Relationship Help Online Tips above and text mostly for playful, flirtatious banter and quick hellos and you will do just great!

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