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Finding Good Relationship Help In A Book!


The market is filled with books to help your relationship, so how do you know which is the best? It’s Simple!


The It’s That Simple! companion relationship help books are the answer.


Author Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A. took her fifteen years of experience working with men and women and created a book for each that helps them save, change, and transform their relationships. She wrote each book in a gender specific language, meaning that women will easily understand the women’s book and men will easily understand the men’s book.


The main reason Bree did this was as she puts it, “Men and women learn and process information differently, therefore I wanted to give each gender what they specifically needed to achieve maximum results.”


“If I give a man relationship tools the same way I share them with a women, he will not get it and vice-versa,” Bree adds.


The It’s That Simple! relationship help books can be read individually by just one partner in a relationship or by both partners. Either way, the reader and the relationship will benefit from the information, guidance, and tools in these incredible books.


The reader will learn how to have effective communication with their partner as well as building a healthy relationship with themselves and one another.


“A majority of relationship problems stem from men and women projecting onto or taking out their unresolved personal issues on their partner. When this is addressed and then healed the relationship is able to flourish in a whole new way. When men and women look at and heal themselves first, and then move onto their relationship, it works. I have been doing this for a long time, when couples follow this formula they successfully improve their lives and relationship for the better every time!” Bree shared with us.


“The bottom line is that I was tired of seeing people who loved one another fall apart when they did not have too. I wanted to be able to help as many couples as I could not just stay together out of obligation but to transform their relationship into a happy and loving one they could enjoy everyday.” Bree added.


If you are looking for help with your relationship find it here with these books!


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Considered to be the Best Relationship & Life Coach and Nationally Recognized Relationship Expert Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A. has been featured on NBC, CBS, The CW,  FOX NEWS, National Radio Programming, The Chicago Tribune, Shape Magazine, In-Touch Magazine, The Nest Magazine, Woman’s Day Magazine, E-Harmony, AOL, and is a Relationship Expert Columnist for The Huffington Post. She has a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling and over fifteen years of clinical experience working with individuals and couples.

Relationship Help Expert Bree Maresca-Kramer provides relationship help books online and free relationship help online.

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