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Need Relationship Help Tips By Bree

Bree Presents Need Relationship Help Tips For Today’s Couples

Bree Shares Need Relationship Help Tips For Couples In Today’s Global Conditions

The current global conditions are affecting all of us, causing extra stressors in our lives and relationships. How you might ask.  Well, the wars, destructive weather, and economic crisis are bringing about an incredible level of stress and fear.  This stress and fear are being felt in all areas of our lives even in our relationships leaving couples in need of relationship help.  Couples need to be aware of this to make sure the stress and fear do not harm their relationship.

Need Relationship Help Tip #1: Effective Communication.

Make sure to express your feelings with and not at your partner.  A mistake many people make is to hold their feelings in and then explode and attack their partner with words.  For example, “You are always wasting our money you are such a selfish jerk!” instead of “Honey, I am feeling very anxious about our finances.”

Need Relationship Help Tip #2:  Be a Team player.

Think of your relationship as a team and “winning” is having a successful relationship. Being a good team player means that you work together, supporting one another in order to attain the goal.

Need Relationship Help Tip #3:  Take Charge of Your Thinking.

You thinking actually creates your reality. If you think positively, you see things positively as if your think negatively your will see things negatively.  Focus your thinking on solution-oriented thoughts instead of problem-centered thoughts.

Need Relationship Help Tip #4:  Form a Refuge.

Be pro-active in creating your relationship as a safe haven, instead of conflict. Create a stress-free zone when you are together. You can do this by focusing only on the good and participation in calming and enjoyable activities, such as getting out in nature, being affectionate, watching a comedy, and listening to soothing music.

Each of us is experiencing this global unrest right now to some degree whether we realize it or not.   The good news is there is a sure way to protect your relationship. Put these need relationship help tips to use and you will see positive results!


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