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God First-Better Marriage?


Happy Marriage With God










From where I stand, as someone who has worked with couples for over fifteen years, the answer is a resounding yes!


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The couples, whom place God at the Center and Head of their marriage, tend to handle life stressors more effectively. They are more likely to process through these pressures, which can often tear a marriage apart, rather than attack one another because of them. For example, financial strains are handled with faith, prayer, and a joining together rather than a break down in the marriage.


Now, this is not to say faith-centered marriages will not face the same difficulties as non-faith centered marriages, it just means they handle it differently. So the question we need to look at is “Why?”
What makes these couples different and more capable of protecting their marriage?


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The primary reason is their commitment to their faith and their marriage. They are not the type of couple who immediately thinks of divorce as an option when times get tough. Instead, they look for ways to move through the troubling times holding onto their commitment to one another and God. This in our disposable, instant gratification, “what is in it for me?” centered culture is amazing. These couples rise above the social norm and find a way to make it work by employing a “whatever it takes attitude.”


The second main reason is their willingness to work on things. Again, they are not looking to end things as an option so being willing to find the solution becomes much easier and applicable. With their willingness comes a desire to “own” their mistakes or part in what is troubling the marriage. Rather than pointing the finger and blaming, they seek to find out how they can improve themselves and their marriage.


Coming in as the third key reason is best described by the word sacredness. These couples view their vows and commitment of marriage to one another with God as a holy act, not to be taken lightly. This means when the winds, rain, and storms of life come they hold tightly to their belief in the sanctity of marriage as well as their faith in God’s guidance, care, and Love to help them through.


When I work with these couples, they are eager to do what it takes to get through their problems and develop a happy marriage. Instead of fighting the healing process, they embrace it, which benefits them greatly by speeding it up and producing higher success rates!


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