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As a client and staff relationships expert, Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A., provides strategies for successfully managing an organization’s interactions with clients and staff. The overall goal of Bree’s Thrive! Corporate Consulting Program is to discover why client and staff relationships are not working and then implement methods to create, nurture, and retain these relationships.

Client and Staff Relationships Expert Tip #1: Deliver on your promises.  This simply means to be sure you can follow through on your promises or claims or do not bother making them. Not following through on what you promise lowers the client and staff’s confidence in your organization and breaks the trust in the relationship.

Client and Staff Relationships Expert Tip #2: Treat your client and staff relationships with great  importance.  These relationships are what make up the backbone of any thriving business.

Client and Staff Relationships Expert Tip #3: Go beyond. To keep    thriving client and staff relationships for life is accomplished by consistently exceeding expectations and providing services that are always above par.

Client and Staff Relationships Expert Tip #4: Pay more attention to your clients and staff than your bottom line. Of course profits are important, but they will more likely occur when your client and staff relationships are functioning at a high level.

Client and Staff Relationships Expert Tip #5: Nurtured relationships create a cyclical effect.  A happy employee can generate customer loyalty as it results in a work environment that is both supportive and responsive to customers. Providing customers with a helpful employee makes customers feel confident that they will be taken care of and results in long-term client relationships.

Client and Staff Relationships Expert Tip #6: Frequently reward and thank your clients and staff. By doing this your clients and staff will have increased good feelings and associations with your business, which increases sales and boost loyalty.

The Thrive! Corporate Consulting Program delivers solutions through client and staff relationships expert Bree Maresca-Kramer’s M.A. proven successful tools in creating thriving business results.

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