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Business Relationships Consultant Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A.

Business Relationships Consultant Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A. Thrives

In this current global market it is essential to create loyal client relationships to ensure success. Hiring the right business relationships consultant will provide an organization with the precise tools to make this happen.  Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A., a business relationships consultant, provides incredible strategies to build and retain successful and thriving client relationships through her Thrive! Corporate Consulting Program.  Below are just a few of her success strategies:

Business Relationships Consultant Tip #1: Be sure to distinguish between soliciting business and positioning for business.  The latter consists of building a strong reputation for being a client-centered business. Once this is accomplished, word of mouth acts as the soliciting force, not sales calls.

Business Relationships Consultant Tip #2: Clients want to feel they are doing business with an organization with a conscience. Developing a philanthropic protocol builds a strong foundation for client relationships to thrive.

Business Relationships Consultant Tip #3: Train those who do not have a natural aptitude for gaining trust and respect from their clients how to do so. Effective communication skills, expressing care and concern, and being good problem solvers are key elements in this training.

Business Relationships Consultant Tip #4: Build a good database.  Ensure that each client’s file is accurately filled with his or her personal activities, interests, opinions, and other pertinent information. This will enable you to customize your services and communications with each client more proficiently.

Creating loyal client relationships is the core to ensure long-term business success.  A business relationships consultant provides an organization the necessary tools and guidance to build and retain thriving client relationships.

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