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Dating can be very challenging for many guys. This can be due to a lack of experience, not having a clue as to what women want, not understanding women, and/or not having the right confidence.


All of these factors can create havoc in a guy’s dating life. He can waste his time and money while ending up with a broken heart. So here is some help with a few of my…


Dating Tips For Guys


  • Know What You Are Looking For In A Woman!

This is one of the biggest mistakes a guy can make. When a man does not know the type and qualities he wants in a relationship he will randomly pick women primarily based on their looks or body type.


  • Pre Qualify The Woman Before You Ask Her Out!

When a guy knows what kind of woman will best fit him and what he is looking for, it is best to ask the woman he is interested in some pertinent questions. This saves him from unneeded frustration and aggravation in his life.


  • Treat Her Well But Don’t Be A Wimp!

Women want to be treated well by a guy. They want him to be a gentleman and chivalrous. However, they do not want a guy that is so eager to please that they can walk all over him. This is often where nice guys get into trouble with women.  They think they are doing the right thing by overly pleasing her but in the end she will lose respect and end up taking advantage of him or walking away from him.


  • Never Play Games With Her!

This is one of the top concerns I hear from women. They do not want a man who plays games. If a woman likes a man, she wants him to pursue her openly and authentically without any games or drama.


  • Have Self-Respect & Good Self-Esteem!

There is nothing more attractive and sexy then a man who is confident.  However, this confidence must be authentic and not a superficial ego-based one.  When a man knows who he is and feels good about himself that radiates out of him naturally and is a major turn on for women!


  • Lead & Guide Her Down Your Dating Path!

This is one most guys miss and find amazing when I help them with it. When I work with a man who is having some dating problems, I teach him how to be the “lead” in the dating process. I walk him step-by-step on how to guide and create the dating life he wants. This could be dating lots of women or it could be finding the one special woman to have a great relationship/marriage with. In either case, the man must take the lead. The problem is that many guys have no idea how to do this and need some help with it.


The fact is that when you know what you want and how to create it, a successful dating life is not only possible it is inevitable! If you would like help you with your dating life or relationship reach me here.



Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A. is a Nationally Recognized Relationship Expert, Acclaimed Life & Relationship Coach, and Author of the relationship and self-help books It’s That Simple! for men & women.
Bree has been featured on NBC, CBS, The CW, FOX NEWS, National Radio Programming, The Chicago Tribune, Shape Magazine, In-Touch Magazine, The Nest Magazine, Woman’s Day Magazine, E-Harmony, AOL, and is a Relationship Expert Columnist for The Huffington Post.
Bree has Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling and over fifteen years of clinical experience working with men, women, and couples.

Relationship Help Expert Bree Maresca-Kramer provides relationship help books online and free relationship help online.

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