Is He or She the Right One for Me?


Relationship Expert Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A.


Are you in a serious relationship and trying to figure out if, he or she is the right one for you? If so, you are most likely approaching the end of the “Honeymoon Phase” in your relationship.

During the honeymoon phase in a romantic relationship, the air smells sweeter, the sky looks bluer, and the birds seem to sing just for you. You feel filled with hope, excitement and an overall happiness to be alive. You find yourself moving through your day with an extra skip in your step, twinkle in your eye, and heart-warming thoughts of your special someone swirling through your mind. At this time, you simply cannot imagine ever being angry with your beloved, let alone finding anything wrong with them.

"Does it get any better than this?" you wonder.


Then, the unexpected happens, time passes and "real life" sets in.  All of a sudden, those things you once found so “cute and adorable” are now the very things that irritate and annoy you!


To make matters worse, your partner is not as cooperative as they use to be and you become increasingly frustrated with them. You realize your previously perfect partner gets in bad moods and can be difficult sometimes.

Yes! This is when the honeymoon phase is definitely over!

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At this point you will generally hear people say, “He is just not who I thought he was!” or “She changed, I don’t know what happened!” This is usually the time when people will question the relationship or start thinking they may want to end it.

Unfortunately, those who end the relationship once the honeymoon phase dies down miss the opportunity for experiencing potentially amazing growth — both individually and as a couple.


You see, once you reach a point where you are questioning your significant other, you are presented with the opportunity to look within yourself and address whatever parts within you that may need some healing. As well, the end of the honeymoon phase is also the time when your relationship has the potential to continue growing and deepen from a “honeymoon” love into an everlasting love.

So how do you transition from a heightened state of happiness due to a chemically altered brain during the honeymoon phase into a deep, rich and lasting relationship?

It’s simple!

You make a choice. You choose to commit to the process of nurturing your relationship and all the “work” that entails. You choose to stay with your partner, instead of running away, and you become aware that where you are in life, and who are you with, is a choice...your choice.

The “work” part of the relationship comes when your partner triggers some type of negative response in you, such as irritation, annoyance, disgust, judgment, resentment, frustration, impatience, anger or rage. When these responses occur, the work begins. You must now start to:

  • Take responsibility for your feelings.
  • Stop blaming the other person for your feelings.
  • Address the deeper sources of these feelings.


When you do this you allow yourself to progress in your own personal growth as well as build your relationship.


Now, what if you are doing these things and are still questioning if this person is right for you. Then it is time to evaluate your level of compatibility, ability to effectively communicate with one another, and your mutual life goals or lack thereof. As all of these elements are essential to have in a healthy and lasting relationship.


If you can put a check mark next to all of these parts in your relationship and still are unsure it helps to reach out to a professional.


I help both men and women in their dating relationships discover if their current partner is right for them or if there is something deeper they need to address.  If you would like some relationship help reach me here.


Help for Relationships






Relationship Expert Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A.


It is normal for a relationship to experience peaks and valleys. To have times that are amazing and other times that are difficult. However, a real problem arises when a couple becomes stuck in a negative cyclical pattern.  This will often lead the couple to fight over things they normally would not, have feelings of great frustration and anger with one another, and eventually emotionally shut down and give up on the relationship.


In order to avoid this both men and women can turn to different forms of help for their relationship such as:

  • Relationship Help Articles Written By an Expert
  • Relationship Help Books Written By an Expert
  • Relationship Coaching or Counseling With An Expert


The particular type of help a couple needs depends on the problem or issue they are experiencing. 


For example, if your partner and you are having a difficult time communicating, then learning effective communication skills is very necessary. This is vital for any relationship, especially the one with your partner.  


I highly recommend these relationship help books for men and women, which provide the specific communication skills needed to have a healthy and happy relationship.

It's That Simple!

A Man's Book on Relationships, Life, Ourselves, & The Healing of it All

It's That Simple!

A Woman's Book on Relationships, Life, Ourselves, & The Healing of it All


Perhaps you are experiencing problems that your partner and you just simply cannot get through on your own. If this is the case then working with an expert is highly recommend.  For it is far more important to face the issues and heal them, then to deny they exist and hope they go away on their own.


The most common issues I help couples get through and heal have to do with:

  1. Poor Communication
  2. Unresolved Resentments
  3. Fighting
  4. Infidelity
  5. Differing Parenting Styles
  6. Money Management Issues
  7. Lack of Good Sex Life


With each of these issues, I help each person understand the core reason they exist and then how to fix it for good.  The couple learns how to communicate with one another, repair damage done to their relationship, and how to create an amazingly loving and passionate relationship with one another.


I work with couples all over the United States via telephone or Skype sessions. If your relationship needs help, contact me here.


Is my relationship in too much trouble or can it be fixed?

couple help

Relationship Expert Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A.


I often hear this question from the person who really wants their relationship to work. Even though they may be feeling deflated or angry, they want to find a solution to their relationship problems. On the other hand, when someone is aloof about his or her relationship, usually he or she has already emotionally checked out of the relationship.


Relationship Advice & Help For Couples


In addition to love, relationships work when there are certain elements present.


The first of these is that both partners are willing to do what it takes to make it work. This means that when a problem arises that each partner does not blame or attack their partner but works together to get through it.


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Can a Professional Life Coach Really Help A Relationship?

I am often asked how working with a professional life coach can help a relationship. I love this question because it gives me the opportunity to share with someone how I help both men and women as a professional life coach.

Relationships are the fabric of all of our lives.  We have relationships at work, with our family members, children, friends, neighbors, and of course the one most affecting people's lives, our partner.

Our relationships shape every area of our lives.  This means that if our ability to "relate to" another is good, our lives run well.  However, if our relationship skills are poor, we can face all sorts of issues, which in turn affect our over all well-being and life.

How I help As A Professional Life Coach #1:

Healthy Relationship Skills. Most of us who did not grow up in the "Leave it to Beaver" type of household were never taught how to have strong, thriving, and effective relationship skills. In my work as a professional life coach, one of the key elements I teach people is how to recognize unhealthy relationship patterns and how to replace them with successful skills that will positively change not only their relationships but also their lives.

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