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Relationship Expert Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A.


“Why does he make me so angry?” is one of the most popular questions my female clients ask when they are beginning to work on their relationship.  In almost every scenario their question is encased with great frustration and resentment.

When women reach a point in their relationships where they feel consistently angered by their partner — even after small transgressions that used to go unnoticed — their reactions often derive from feeling worn out, tired of it all and almost ready to give up.


Unresolved anger greatly affects how one interacts with their partner.


Women who experience this usually cannot understand why they keep reacting to their man the way they do.  They often feel as if they have lost control of themselves and their behavior.


Their “out of control” emotions then lead them to feel guilty and badly about themselves. My clients who are in this situation frequently report to me, “I end up acting like such a witch!”

Fortunately, healing angry emotions is simpler than you might think.


Relationship Help For Women

1. Taking Personal Responsibility


I help my clients understanding that no one can “make” you angry or feel any other emotion.  We always have a choice to react or not react to another's words or actions.  In fact, when we blame the other person for making us angry, we are causing great damage to the relationship.


2. Getting To The Core


Many times women think they are angry about one thing but they are actually angry at something much deeper. I help my clients learn how to uncover the real issue of their anger, process it, and heal it so they may have a healthy and lasting relationship.


3. Effective Communication


Good communication is the key to any successful relationship.  I teach my clients how to do this with successful communication skills that really work.  My clients are amazed at how greatly their relationship changes for the better just by changing the way they speak to their partner.


4. Getting Help

Being angry with your man never feels good, however, staying angry at him is emotionally, psychologically, and physically unhealthy for him and you!  The negative feelings compound into layers of anger and resentments that take agreat toll on your overall well-being and relationship. 


If you are in this position and want to heal it to have a peaceful and happy relationship simply contact me here I would love to help you!














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