Can a Professional Life Coach Really Help A Relationship?

I am often asked how working with a professional life coach can help a relationship. I love this question because it gives me the opportunity to share with someone how I help both men and women as a professional life coach.

Relationships are the fabric of all of our lives.  We have relationships at work, with our family members, children, friends, neighbors, and of course the one most affecting people's lives, our partner.

Our relationships shape every area of our lives.  This means that if our ability to "relate to" another is good, our lives run well.  However, if our relationship skills are poor, we can face all sorts of issues, which in turn affect our over all well-being and life.

How I help As A Professional Life Coach #1:

Healthy Relationship Skills. Most of us who did not grow up in the "Leave it to Beaver" type of household were never taught how to have strong, thriving, and effective relationship skills. In my work as a professional life coach, one of the key elements I teach people is how to recognize unhealthy relationship patterns and how to replace them with successful skills that will positively change not only their relationships but also their lives.

How I help As A Professional Life Coach #2:

Effective Communication.   The key to any successful relationship is communication.  The problem for many men and women is that when they communicate they are not doing so effectively.  One can have the best thoughts, ideas, and intentions but without effective communication skills, these things will often be misunderstood, often leading to a domino effect of hurt feelings and a breakdown in the relationship.  As a professional life coach, I teach men and women how to effectively communicate, especially with the opposite sex.

How I help As A Professional Life Coach #3:

Achieve Self-Awareness. When someone does not know him or herself well, it leaves them vulnerable to unhealthy emotional or behavioral patterns, which if not corrected can cause lifelong relationship problems.

How I help As A Professional Life Coach #4:

Attain Self-Responsibility. One of the most detrimental blocks a person can face in their lives is blaming others or the circumstances. Many times, a person is not even aware that they are doing this. As a professional life coach, I not only help someone identify how they are doing this, but teach them how to take personal responsibility of their thoughts, feelings and behaviors so they can empower themselves and their life.

How I help As A Professional Life Coach #5:

Prioritize Happiness. A life without pleasure, contentment, and joy is a very hard life to live everyday. I help men and women prioritize happiness in their lives and then teach them how they can make this a reality.

How I help As A Professional Life Coach #6:

Achieve Life Goals. To attain one's life goals takes focus, organization, discipline, and direction. I help my clients to establish their priorities and define their goals in order to empower them so they may reach and live at their personal and professional best.

How I help As A Professional Life Coach #7:

Team-Centered. As a professional life coach, I join with my client to form a team. Our team is solely based on successfully attaining the client's personal and professional goals. Although it is necessary for my clients to have the willingness to make needed changes, I always want them to feel they are not alone in this process and that they have a coach who is right there with them all along the way.

Working with clients as a professional life coach is incredibly rewarding as I get to assist and bare witness to the growth, evolution, and empowerment each one attains as they create their ultimate lifestyle and the relationship of their dreams!

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