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Relationship Expert Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A.


Before we are able to have more romance, we have to know exactly what it is. The problem with this is that the definition of “romance” can vary from person to person. One woman may feel that getting a dozen red roses is romantic while another woman may feel this is not romantic but predictable. One man may feel that a little love note left in his briefcase from his woman is romantic while another man might find this as a nice but insignificant gesture. To add to this, some people want romance more that others. Stereotypically, it is women who desire it more; however, I have found that many men wish for it as well. 


So with everyone expecting different things when it comes to romance how do you find and then create it in your relationship? 

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To begin you must get to know yourself and your partner on a deeper level. This is a key element in helping to develop the romantic part of your relationship.  This means understanding what brings those heart fluttering feelings up for you and your partner.


One of the biggest complaints I hear from women about this issue is that they feel their man just does not care enough to try to be romantic. In most cases, that is not the truth at all. Generally, the man has no idea how to do it and wants her help by telling him how to be romantic. Ironically, she feels that having to tell him ruins it and takes all the romance out it. I help these couples by providing for them an understanding of one another's needs and desires in their relationship and then how to deliver it.



The next step is implementation or in other words…be romantic! Again each person and couple is different so the amount of implementation depends on you and your partner's specific desires. Whether it is once a day, week, month, or year solely depends on what builds up and maintains the romance part of your relationship.


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