The Secret about the Law of Attraction

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“Why doesn’t the Law of Attraction work for me, what am I doing wrong?” are the words I have heard from clients and friends who have not seen it “work” for them in their lives.  The Law of Attraction, which “The Secret” brought into mainstream awareness, has always existed.  The point that we are all just getting it now surely does bring about a great deal of confusion for many people.  
The Law of Attraction exists just as the Law of Gravity exists.  The difference is that you do not have to do any work to get the Law of Gravity to actually “work” for you.  You do not have to meditate, focus, affirm, clear blocks, etc. to be able to walk outside and not float away into space.  You get to just walk outside and enjoy the fact that the Law of Gravity exists and holds you down on planet earth.  
So why do we have to “work” to get the Law of Attraction to “work”?

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How Do I Take Better Care of Myself?

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“How do I take better care of myself?” is a very common concern, and although I find that my male clients rarely ask this question, I believe the answers apply equally to both men and women.

So how do you take better care of yourself?

The answer is simple! You make the conscious choice to do so.

I have found that there are three distinct areas of self-improvement: body, mind and spirit. The order in which I am addressing these components is purposeful and makes implementing the needed changes much easier in order to move forward, take better care of yourself and be most successfully treated.

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Changing Your Perception Changes Everything!


The age old question of, “Is the glass half empty or is it half full”, has a great depth of wisdom which can easily be missed with a wave of the hand, a shrug of the shoulder and a flippant answer of, “What does that matter anyways!? This question poses to each one of us- what type of thinking patterns do we possess and repeat without even being aware of it.  To ask oneself this question

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Losing Yourself in a Relationship

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Feeling as if you have lost yourself in your relationship, is a common occurrence for both men and women.  It often feels as if “who” you are has been replaced by someone else, a stranger to you.  In fact, it can feel as if you cannot even remember “who” the real you is any longer.  If this is where you are finding yourself, there is good news!  Re-discovering the real you is possible, no matter how long it has been.  

The recognition of how you are feeling along with the simple desire to find yourself again is the first step.  As with any type of positive change in your life, having the recognition of a needed change and the desire to make the change is half the battle. All it really takes is to shine a light on the problem, name the problem and then make and follow through with a plan of action.


After completing the first step, you are ready for the next. This step can actually be quite enjoyable, for you have the opportunity to re-discovery exactly “who” you are.  This step entails a “getting to know you” process.

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