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It's That Simple! Books for Men and Women Provide Key Players and Team Members with:


The Skills to Create a Thriving Relationship with Their Spouse or Partner, Which Translates to Greater Productivity

The happier and more fulfilled someone is in their personal life, the greater their workplace productivity. Positive emotions invigorate people, leading them to work smarter, work harder, and interact more positively with their teammates.

An In-depth Understanding of Themselves and the Opposite Sex

Gaining clarity about personal motivations, thinking patterns, and emotional triggers—and insights into the selfsame tendencies of the opposite sex—lays the foundation for healthier interpersonal communication and the acquisition and retention of strong, thriving, and lasting client relationships.

The Skills to Successfully Communicate with Clients of Both Sexes

Being able to communicate effectively with clients of the opposite gender is a learned skill. It's That Simple! books for men and women provide vital insights, tools, and techniques that will help your team members communicate more skillfully not only with their life partners but also with anyone of the opposite sex.

These Insightful Books Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Who will benefit from reading Bree’s Relationship Help Books? Anyone who works directly with clients, especially those of the opposite sex. That long list includes financial advisors, wealth managers, insurance professionals, accountants, lawyers, business brokers, pharmaceutical representatives, and consultants of every stripe.


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Quantity Unit Price Discount
50-499 $ 8.97 40%
500-4,999 $ 7.47 50%
5000-9,999 $ 5.23 65%
10,000-20,000 $ 3.73 75%
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Special Offers for Corporate Customers Only!

We would be happy to produce a customized edition for your organization that includes a letter from your CEO as the book’s Foreword for just $2.50 per copy more.

The minimum order for special editions is 250 copies. Allow 3-6 weeks for delivery. All orders must be prepaid and are not returnable.


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Thrive Corporate Consulting specializes in powerful training to key people within the corporate structure producing successful business results. The Thrive program develops skill sets necessary to maximize effectiveness and productivity for the good of the company as well as to the benefit of the individual.


A prime factor in the success of any corporation is to ensure healthy and highly functioning business relationships. This business success is based on developing high functioning key members of the team.


Nationally Recognized Relationship Expert, Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A. successfully uses her education and experience both in business and as a therapist to teach the skills necessary to acquire and retain thriving business relationships, conflict resolution, transition management, team building, effective communication styles for each gender, and to raise the emotional intelligence of company leaders.


Bree has been featured on NBC, CBS, CW, & FOX News, Top National Radio Programming, National Publications such as The Chicago Tribune, Shape Magazine, In-Touch Magazine, The Nest Magazine, E-Harmony, AOL, and as a featured columnist for The Huffington Post.

Thrive corporate consulting customizes each program to the precise needs of every organization.Some of the most popular programs include:


·Acquisition and Retention of Client Relationships

·Repairing Broken Client Relationships

·Solution-Centered Business Relationships

·Making Effective Communication Work For Your Business Relationships


Thrive corporate consulting learns how the organizational context motivates the employee's behavior and how conversely the individual affects the company. The Thrive programs then produce optimized organizational results by altering behavior inside the organizational system.

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