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Relationship Help with Communication  


Sounds easy enough…right? Then why do most men and women complain that their partner is not listening to them?


The answer is simple…because much of the time, they are not listening!


Often, our partners are busy figuring out and preparing what they are going to say next or how they will defend their position, rather than  really listening. 


I am sure you have experienced the following at one time or another in your relationship.  You passionately tried to communicate with your partner about something they did or said that really upset you, all the while you can tell they are not really listening at all. 


Usually, this then leads down a negative cycle of frustration that sounds something like...

 “You never listen to me…Why do I bother trying to talk to you…You don’t even care about what I am saying…fine I’m done trying to talk to you anyways!”


By this time, your partner and yourself are feeling very angry and frustrated with the situation and each other. You each are feeling badly and to make matters worse the communication never even got accomplished!  Sound familiar?



If so you are not alone!


Most couples will need help with communication in their relationship. Why? Because we are not taught the proper communication skills that work well with the opposite sex.



Relationship Help with Communication 


So, how do you really listen and what does that even mean?


Simply put, to listen, means you are paying attention to what the other person is really trying to say to you. You focus on the deeper message in their words.


This means that you stay out of your head and focus you attention on understanding what your partner is saying.


This can be very easy if you are talking about something like a baseball game or grocery shopping. However, this becomes more difficult when you are communicating about something more serious or emotional.


You will find that the more you really listen to your partner, the more vital information you become privy to. You will begin to understand them, their feelings, and perceptions more clearly.


By far couples not being able to communicate well with one another is one of the top reasons relationships fall apart.


Effective communication is absolutely vital for a healthy relationship; however, most people have no idea how to do it successfully.


For this reason, I put a step-by-step guide on how effectively communicate with your partner in the:



It's That Simple! Relationship Help Book for Men



It's That Simple! Relationship Help Book for Women.


Once you learn and use these communication skills with your partner your entire relationship will change!  Your relationship will move from being clouded with anger and frustration to being a loving, happy, and fulfilling one!







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