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National Relationship Expert & Author Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A. has been featured on Fox News, NBC, CBS, ABC, NPR, Redbook, Woman's Day, Shape Magazine and more.

Bree brings her professional training and experience to provide hope and healing to marriages with her Marriage Renewal™ program as well as her nationally recognized dating consulting program to singles looking to find the one.

Bree's passion is to help turn struggling marriages into extraordinary marriages and assisting singles in finding the love of their lives. 

Bree works with clients throughout the United States, Canada, & England via phone, video conferencing, retreat weekends, and right here in Charlotte.

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Marriage Help

Unhappily married couple

The fact is that even the best of marriages can use a tweak now and again.

However, for the majority of marriages tweaking is not enough. 

Married couples need help with communication, healing old resentments and pain, problem solving, child rearing, and reigniting the spark they once had for one another.

Once a couple has and uses the accurate information and tools, their marriage radically improves in these and other areas. 
This is why Bree developed her Marriage Renewal™ program.

This is not marriage counseling. Instead it is a Pro-Active Plan of Action. ™

This unique program allows married couples to easily face what is wrong in their marriage.

How does it work?

Simply, Bree designs a personnly unique Pro-Active Plan of Action ™ for your specific marital needs. This plan includes all the psychological, emotional, and physical information and tools you need to drastically improve your marriage.  

Bree works  hand-in-hand with you, each step of the way teaching you what you need to know and how to use it in everyday in your marital life.

The success rate of Bree's Marriage Renewal™ program is 98%!

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Couples Retreat Weekends

Couple Retreat Weekend With Bree

Bree holds amazing couple retreat weekends at luxury resorts in Palm Beach, Florida and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Bree works with each couple one-on-one with a very unique itinerary created just for their specific relationship needs.

Each couple's relationship will greatly benefit while being able to enjoy golf, tennis, swimming, spa treatments, and fine dining.

After a couple attends one of Bree's retreat weekends, they experience feeling emotionally and physically closer, reenergized, and more in love than ever before!

Dating Help

Happily dating couple 

Dating today is not easy at any age! That is why Bree provides her nationally recognized dating consulting program to singles looking to find the one.

Bree's comprehensive dating consulting program for singles teaches you the absolute do’s and don’ts of modern dating, online dating, how to avoid the common mistakes made by both men and women, and how to find and hold onto the perfect one for you.

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National Relationship Expert Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A.

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