Bree on The Huffington Post November 3 2011

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Can You Ever Recover From Infidelity?


Following the shocking and painful discovery that you have been cheated on, people frequently exacerbate the damage by "acting-in" through self-sabotaging behaviors. Unfortunately, we are starting to see signs of this in recent photos of Demi Moore, in light of Ashton Kutcher's alleged infidelity. In recent photos, Moore appears emaciated and drawn.

This is one of the more common ways a woman will "act in" after the pain and damage caused by an infidelity. In addition to not eating, a woman may participate in excessive drinking, taking drugs, smoking, withdrawing from daily life activities and responsibilities, random sexual encounters, and/or blaming and emotionally beating herself up as the cause of her partner's adultery.

So why, after such devastating pain from the actions of her unfaithful partner, would a woman do this to herself? It is actually due to a faulty coping mechanism. A coping mechanism is a behavioral tool used to . . .






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