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Kim's Double Breakup:

Will Kardashian Fans Leave Her Too?


To have a break up you must first be in a relationship. Well, there certainly was one between Kim Kardashian and her fans. Of course, like any other relationship it is based on trust. Kim's fans give their devotion, follow her every move, buy her products, all while loving and adoring her as she gives them constant voyeuristic opportunities into her and her family's lives. Her fans take pleasure in feeling connected with her. Kim remains famous for being famous and takes it all the way to the bank.

Kim is physically absolutely beautiful, appears to have a good heart, and gives to charity, but is her talent worthy of such an incredible fan base? Can she sing, dance, act, write, or work on scientific discoveries that help humanity? No! Kim has not one of these talents which are often gifted with the reward of such adoration and fanfare. However, she took her beauty along with her sex tape and parlayed it into a multi-million dollar industry and my friends that takes talent!

So how did she do it?






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