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Could Amy Winehouse's Death

Have Been Avoided?


There are all sorts of rumors about the actual cause of Amy Winehouse's death; however, even with all the speculation, most were not shocked by her passing. Winehouse's behavior on and off stage was a clear indication that she struggled with addictions. As Winehouse's family, friends and fans mourn her passing, the question will always remain: Could someone have done something to save Amy's life?

Addictions, whether to drugs, alcohol, sex, food, shopping or even exercise, can not only end up devastating the life of the addicted person, but they can also destroy the lives of the addict's family and friends as well. To watch a loved one destroy him or herself is excruciatingly painful and often filled with feelings of helplessness and guilt for not being able to "fix" the addict. Often, these loved ones try everything they can think of to help. They sacrifice their time, money and even their safety to save someone suffering from addiction(s).





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