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My relationship has gotten so screwed up and I don't know how… can you help? "Laura from New Jersey"

Dear "Laura,"

I have found that this happens more often than not due to all the little things which go unaddressed and then build up over time causing emotional distance, resentments, and a break down in the foundation of the relationship.

Most couples do not see it coming because we are all living in a very fast paced, technologically driven, extremely busy, and stressed out lifestyle.  Often we end up missing the clues and red flags that our relationship needs care and attention because we are stressed out and overwhelmed.  It is more common to think, "I can't handle this right now, I will deal with this later!"  Unfortunately, when we do not take care of inner selves and our relationship it can get "screwed up."

The solution is to live consciously. Pay attention. Tend to your inner self and your relationship daily.  Find the balance by reprioritizing your time and attention. Be empowered in your life and relationship not a victim of it.

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