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My boyfriend cannot have sex with me and doesn't have deep feelings for me because he says I remind him of his mother physically and in my actions. We both want this relationship to work can it be saved?

Dear Not His Mother,
When a man tells you he cannot have sex with you and does not have deep feelings for you because you remind him of his mother that is very difficult but not impossible to move past.

Often, people will attract partners into their life because of unresolved issues they have with one or both parents. It sounds as if this is what is going on with your boyfriend.

In order for your relationship to have a chance, your boyfriend would need to work through his issues in therapy. After he addresses and works through all of that, he would then be able to see if his feelings for you could progress into romantic ones.

As for your part, my question to you is how do you feel about yourself? Do you feel you deserve to be with a man who can fully love you? Do you feel worthy to have a beautiful relationship and life?

It is important to take this opportunity to look within yourself and examine why you have attracted a man into your life that cannot give you a real and full relationship.

I help women address and heal self-sabotaging behaviors that affect all areas of their lives. Please let me know if I can help you figure this situation out with your boyfriend so you can have the relationship and life that you truly deserve!

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