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I love my husband who is 15 yrs younger but we always argue about his laziness and being out of work. Do you think we can salvage our marriage?

Dear Lisa,
I know that for any marriage, when each partner is willing to salvage the marriage, it can happen! In your question, however, it was not mentioned if your husband wants to save the marriage. I would suggest you start here. Talk with him and find out where he is in your marriage. If you both are willing then there is much hope. There are many resources for couples who need help to repair their marriage. Marriage counseling and relationship help books are the best place to start. You and your husband can learn how to effectively communicate with one another as well as learning healthy relationship skills to re-build your marriage using these resources.  Salvaging a marriage is not always easy and usually requires a good amount of work. However, if you love one another and both want to stay married it is definitely worth it!  

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