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I feel that my fiancé is getting to comfortable in our relationship and starting to take me for granted, how do I show him it is not ok?

Dear Betty,
First, I would start by communicating with him instead of showing him. Most men will get "comfortable" in the relationship. The man still cares and loves the woman, however, he now feels he has her and can "relax."  Many men make this mistake and it often causes a breakdown in the relationship because the woman ends up feeling taken for granted, not desired, and not cherished. Share with your fiancé how important it is for you
to feel these things from him on a regular basis.  Make sure you share it with him in a loving, non-accusatory, and non-aggressive manner so that he may actually hear what you are saying. For example, saying something like, "You never pay attention to me anymore!" will create a different reaction than, "Honey, I really like when you pay attention to me, I feel so loved by you!"  See the difference? Sharing with him from this place will produce a better chance of him hearing you and making changes in his behavior.

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