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How can I help my boyfriend, who is a recovering heroin addict and now is in detox for alcohol and Xanax, when he gets out?

Dear Spanky,
I understand you concern and desire to help your boyfriend in anyway you can. I first want to direct you to a recent article I wrote on this topic that was published in The Huffington Post.  Just "Click Here" to visit the article.
Secondly, the best course of action you can take is to become as educated as you can on the addiction process.  Through this you will come to understand that you can never fix or change your addicted loved one for only they can do this for themselves.  However,

you can be very supportive of their recovery process. I suggest that you talk with your boyfriend about how he feels you can best support his recovery process. It may be attending meetings with him or even going to your own Al-Anon meetings.  Many couples do successfully make it through this type of situation, just as long as both partners are doing their part in the recovery journey.


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