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I hate my job, what do I do? “Nannette”

Dear “Nannette”:


It is wonderful that you have the awareness that you hate your job.  I say this is wonderful for it is an important first step.  So often we can get stuck in a rut of mild discontent which is not strong enough to motivate change. You sound motivated and that is a great place to be positioned for change to occur.  Nannette, simply ask yourself, “what is “it” I really want to do” and then listen.

Be sure not to allow all the negative and nay-saying thoughts, which can arise, muffle your answer.  Allow yourself to really hear your own answer clearly.  From here, half the battle is won! You then move in a direction to create whatever it is you desire to do.  Baby steps, one at a time, one day at a time. You see, Nannette, your answer is your truth and it is up to you to create it into a reality. What an exciting opportunity you have in front of you!


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