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How do I have a more balanced life? “Frank”

Dear “Frank”:


What a great question.  Certainly in today’s world we can all benefit from finding balance. I believe that all the advances in technology, the break-down of the family and community, the cost of living and intense financial conditions along with the frantic pace have created an epidemic of imbalance in our lives.  To add insult to injury, the marketing powers to be, have conveniently packaged and sold this way of living as “normal”.

Frank, it is not “normal”! By you asking your question, there is something inside of yourself which agrees.  So how do you find and create a more balanced life? It’s simple.  You begin by stopping.  Just stop and look around at all the aspects of your life.


After you take a good hard look, decide for yourself what is important to you.  You get to decide which parts of your life provide benefits, which parts bring joy, which parts do not serve your best interest and which parts you would like to add.  From here you simply empower yourself to design your life the way in which you feel most happy and fulfilled.  You know your life is more balance when your wake up in the morning filled with gratitude and can’t wait to start the day versus opening your eyes and uttering, “Uuugghh, not again!”

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