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My 5-year relationship just ended and he is already dating someone. He kept our pictures, and emails and kissed and held me as he told me he is trying to break up with her. I am really confused. Help!

Dear Debbie,

It is extremely hurtful to have your boyfriend get involved with someone so quickly after such a long-term relationship.  It sounds as if he is not clear on his feelings and is sending you very mixed messages.  This commonly happens when people jump right into another relationship without allowing time for reflection, grieving, and healing to occur.


He is the only one who really knows how he is feeling and what he wants.  At this point, he has to get clear on what he wants to do.  It sounds as if you are clear on your feelings. It is up to you as to how long you are willing to wait for him to figure things out.  In the meantime, allow yourself time to reflect on your relationship to find the real causes of the breakup and to identify your part of went wrong in the relationship.  This will provide you with valuable information, which you can use to make positive changes if you re-unite with him or in your next relationship.  Either way you will come out of this a wiser and deeper woman.

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