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. . . but now that we are not together I feel like I still love him. Should I go back into a relationship with him or am I just feeling that way because the relationship is over? Tasisa

Dear Tasisa,

It is human nature to "romanticize" a relationship when it is over. Often, we will only remember the good parts and forget what actually got us to the end of the relationship. In your case, I would suggest getting really honest with yourself and becoming clear on what kind of relationship you would like to have and then decide if this kind of relationship is possible with your former boyfriend.  You mentioned not being able to communicate with him.  This is a vital piece of a healthy and thriving relationship. So if you do go back into the relationship, really focus on improving the communication between the two of you. You will each have to learn effective communication skills and learn how to apply these skills in your relationship. As far as his jealousy is concerned, when people are acting out with jealous behaviors, it is often a sign of insecurity within themselves. Finally, if you really love someone, you will always love them, you just may not be in an intimate relationship with them any longer.

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