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My husband is stressed out about work and is pulling away from me, what can I do? -Renee from California

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Dear Renee,
It is quite normal for your husband to pull away when he is stressed out.  He is acting this way because his brain is wired to go into his "cave" so that he can make sense of everything he is going through and solve it. As women, when our man does goes into his "cave", our natural instinct is to follow him and ask, "Why are you pulling away from me?"  Unfortunately, this usually causes more problems because he ends up feeling additional stress and pressure. The best thing for you to do is to allow him his space, be patient, and understand that he needs to do this to feel better. If you do this, from a loving place of understanding, you will be the first one he will want to run to when he comes out of his "cave" time!

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